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Predicting Advisor Behavior Using Advanced Data Science

Surface timely, active interests specific to an individual advisor with Intent Data. Learn how predictive data can enhance your recruiting, distribution, and marketing efforts.

Intent Data can turn those what ifs into actionable intelligence to empower your wholesalers and help you execute powerful go-to-market strategies.

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Video Transcription:

You may have heard the famous Wayne Gretzky saying about skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it‘s been.

Well, let’s face it—when handed to your sales team, most traditional CRM data only tells them where the puck has been.

What your team needs is data that’s predictive and speaks to advisor intent: you know, where the puck is going to be. It’s not about now, it’s about what’s next.

What if your sales team could understand what is on the minds of advisors before the advisor makes a move? What if you could analyze and predict advisor behavior using advanced data science? And what if you could use this predictive data to get to an advisor first?

Studies have shown that between 35 and 50% of sales go to the person who gets to the advisor first.

Utilizing Discovery Data’s Intent Data, we can help you turn those what ifs into action.

Using advanced data science, Intent Data captures the organic reading choices of advisors and when we append our statistical advisor profile data, we’re able to surface timely, active interests specific to an individual advisor.

You’ll know who they are, details on their existing business, and you’ll know where they’re headed. Your sales team will be able to meet advisors where they’re going to be, not where they’ve been.

Wayne Gretzky would be proud.

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