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MarketLink Ensures Your Firm and Contact Data is Accurate and Actionable

Finding it an uphill battle to keep up with an ever-changing industry?

Video Transcription:

Are you struggling with bad data?

With advisors and insurance agents constantly moving or even leaving the industry, it can feel like an uphill battle to use contact data efficiently.

Discovery Data’s MarketLink product suite provides flexible API and feed integrations, data cleansing and enrichment services – making sure your firm and contact data is accurate and actionable.

MarketLink cleanses your existing data, removes duplicates, bad or incorrect information, firms and contacts no longer in the industry, and can consolidate fund transactions from various sources - making sure you are using the most accurate data possible, and saving you valuable time and resources.

It appends additional data fields for advanced targeting and analytics and adds missing firms and contacts to capture your total addressable market.

Through this process we provide unique IDs for each record, including financial services Firm, Branch, and Rep CRDs, and Insurance Agent NPN numbers for easy future data maintenance.

Our API integrations automate ongoing data updates and enrichment, and deliver robust firm and contact profiles with the click of a button.

New records are provided as they come into your target market - whether it’s firms or contacts new to the industry, or now meeting your target market criteria to ensure your CRM captures these new opportunities.

MarketLink data feeds are fully customizable to integrate seamlessly into your data ecosystem. You can select from over 3,000 data fields on financial services firms, registered reps, licensed insurance agents and additional key decision makers.

Uplevel your platforms today with MarketLink to ensure your sales and marketing teams are as efficient and effective as possible.

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