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Discovery Data Video

CDO Magazine Interview With Saleem Khan

Saleem Khan, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Discovery Data, together with Robert Lutton, Vice President at Sandhill Consultants, discuss ways to make an organization more data-driven and successful, the benefits Discovery Data provides to analytics officers, and insights in unlocking hidden value for data leaders.

Part 1: Strengthening Data-Driven Organizations

CDOs must be able to build data from scratch as well as derive and transform new levels of analytics, valuable for end clients. Most importantly, they must have the business ability to bridge data and business value for an organization.

Part 2: Organizational Advantages for Analytic Officers

The value Discovery Data provides comes in 3 layers: accurate data for contact information, personalized information, and intent data which drives real-time discussions in engaging customers.

Part 3: Accelerating Value for Data Leaders

To be successful, the Chief Data and Analytics Officer should work together with the company’s internal Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Product Officer, and CEO. Another key thing is to be able to understand what the clients are willing to buy in exchange of the information.