The Data Possible Podcast: Episode #6

2020 Year in Review: Changes to the Financial Services Industry That Will Impact the Year Ahead With Craig Katz

2020 was an extraordinary year—the pandemic forced everyone to re-think and revise the way they serve their clients. Although we might expect that things slowed down across the industry, Discovery Data’s 2020 Year in Review shows the exact opposite happened. In this episode of The Data Possible Podcast, Craig Katz, EVP of partnerships and strategy, discusses the activity that took place across several different areas of our industry and how last year’s trends will help drive business in 2021.

You will learn:

  • How many reps changed firms despite working from home
  • How new firms continued to join the industry and how that affects us all going forward
  • What factors contributed to the 16% growth in assets in the retail RIA industry
  • How these trends will impact business in 2021

Resources: Discovery Data | Year in Review