Insights: Advisor Recruiting

Learn how to navigate market challenges and quickly connect with advisors in today's digital world.

Over 60% of rep movement January through October 2020 was powered by Discovery Data. Our clients are able to dramatically accelerate their recruiting process with access to the most accurate, complete and actionable data on advisors.

Year-to-date Discovery Data has tracked nearly 28,000 rep moves from one firm to another, including over 20,000 moves since the pandemic was declared in March.

LPL, Merrill Lynch, and MML are among the firms recruiting the most reps since March.

Source: Discovery Data October 2020. Using over a decade of historical information encompassing 100 billion data points, 70,000 firms and 4 million professionals, MarketSage provides actionable intelligence on the financial services and insurance industries within a simple-to-use, powerful, cloud-based data platform.

Rep Movement Insights

Though we cannot say for certain how rep movement will be affected in a post-coronavirus market, we can focus on what we do know to make informed decisions now:

  • Following the 2008 market crash, the number of rep moves was at a historic high.

  • Today advisors are more open to taking recruiter calls and interact more frequently with digital marketing.

  • Recruiters that have the resources to advance their technology and deliver the right messaging will have the best opportunity to connect with advisors and recruit the top talent. These firms will be best positioned to attract the most talent once the coronavirus-related slowdown is over.

  • Are you prepared for the upcoming rebound in rep movement? We can help. Discovery Data's recruiting services increase brand awareness and drive incoming leads through our custom research and analytics and multi-channel marketing programs.

  • MarketSage provides additional key insights on rep moves. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to quickly connect with advisors?

Market Intelligence

With MarketPro recruiters are equipped with a targeted list of candidates for their sales and marketing communications so they can make effective use of their time. There are hundreds of data fields and segmentation capabilities available, along with business and personal contact information.

• Contact Information

• Years at Current Firm

• Years of Experience

• Employment History

• Firm Type (i.e. independent vs. wirehouse)

• Advisor Teams

• Miles to Work

• Advisor Success Level

• Licenses

• Designations

• Social Media Profiles (i.e. LinkedIn)

• Disclosures

While many work phones are now forwarding to personal devices, recruiters have found that using a combination of business and home contact information allows them to connect quicker with advisors in today’s remote work environment.

Digital Recruiting Campaigns

Discovery Data’s strategic marketing team partners with you to build and execute initiatives across multiple channels, using the most accurate, actionable industry data.
Digital Ads
Physical Pieces
Call Center
White Papers
Landing Pages
Explore how MarketReach delivers data-driven insights, marketing impact, and revenue growth.

Delivering Results

A 2020 telerecruitment campaign we conducted on behalf of a client resulted in a 147% increase in leads in 20% less dials compared to a similar campaign we conducted for them in 2019.

On average, clients of Discovery Data's email marketing services are seeing increases in open rates by 15% and click rates by 75% compared to pre-coronavirus stats.

Staying Connected Podcast

Hear from Discovery Data EVP, Craig Katz, as he and Founder, Doug Heikkinen, discuss how digital communication is more important than ever to connect with clients and prospects.