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Discovery Data Releases Diversity & Inclusion Dataset

Identify diverse advisors, broker-dealers, and agents with the proper credentials to build a culture that reflects the clients and communities you serve

EATONTOWN, NJ — June 23, 2021 — Discovery Data, the market leader in data, insights, and analytics for the financial services and insurance industries, announced today that it has released a new dataset, Diversity & Inclusion, providing accurate and actionable intelligence on various dimensions of diversity on advisors, broker-dealers, and agents.

With these new insights including race, ethnicity, language preferences, assimilation levels, relative affluence of individuals, and minority and women-owned businesses, Discovery Data clients can find candidates that allow them to build a culture that reflects the clients and communities they serve. For instance, recruiters can use this data to conduct targeted campaigns to individuals who meet certain diversity requirements, enabling them to interact and drive revenue with a diverse customer base.

“Many of our recruiting clients have shared the importance of diversity as part of their talent acquisition initiatives—it has become an industry imperative. Yet, it is challenging for them to incorporate these practices efficiently without the proper tools and data,” said Bob Skea, CEO of Discovery Data. “Having access to our D&I data, combined with our core datasets and business intelligence capabilities through MarketSage, will be a game-changing differentiator for our clients in terms of attracting diverse professional candidates.”

The Diversity & Inclusion dataset is sourced through multiple trusted data providers that have collected this data from public records and user opt-in information, as well as models that employ machine learning and natural language processing to determine race and ethnicity based on the etymology of names. These methods align with Discovery Data FRAME, the firm’s process for delivering the highest level of data quality, integrity, and accuracy.

The World Economic Forum, among others, has long established that a diverse workforce is better for business,” stated Saleem Khan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Discovery Data. “It’s very important that financial services firms build a culture that better reflects the clients and communities they serve as the population becomes increasingly diverse. There is tremendous business value that firms can achieve, not to mention the cultural benefit for underrepresented groups.”

Clients can access and act on Diversity & Inclusion data within Discovery Data’s MarketPro market intelligence tool, MarketSage research, analytics, and insights platform, or by MarketLink customized file delivery.

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