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Discovery Data Launches Advisor Intent Indices Powered by AdvisorTarget to Track Financial Advisor Buying Intent Trends

EATONTOWN, NJ — October 26, 2021 — Discovery Data, the market leader in data, insight, and analytics for the financial services industry, announced today that it has co-developed with AdvisorTarget its new Advisor Intent Indices. Measuring financial advisor buying intent and tracking changes in advisor interest on specific industry topics over time, Advisor Intent Indices empower product distributors, recruiters, marketers, and data scientists with highly accurate first-party information on industry-level and advisor-level intent in near real-time.

The Advisor Intent Indices use a scoring model to compare advisors’ overall engagement with financial news to individual engagement, providing month-to-month trends for gauging changes in advisor interest. With a range from 0 to 200, the score indicates the level of interest on topics such as Recruiting, Real Estate Equities, and Muni and High Yield Bonds. For instance, a Real Estate Equities index level of 195 would indicate overwhelming interest on this topic.

Discovery Data’s website publicly tracks four Advisor Intent Indices on Practice Management, Commodities, Equities, and Bonds, and reports a monthly news summary on the changes. Clients can subscribe to Discovery Data’s Intent Trends to access Advisor Intent Indices on over 40 topics and subcategories. Custom topics are available upon request, and pre-qualified leads within each index can be delivered through Discovery Data’s Intent Signals.

“For years, those in the asset and wealth management sectors have been forced to fly blind in determining what topics were resonating with their most important audience—financials advisors. This created a general fog of confusion which hurt distribution and marketing efforts as promotion was not aligned with intent,” commented Duncan MacDonald-Korth, CEO of AdvisorTarget. “With the scale of insight that AdvisorTarget and Discovery Data bring to the table, we are able to solve this issue with Advisor Intent Indices, giving those in our industry a clear view of the most important themes among advisors at any moment.”

In September 2021, the two strongest Advisor Intent Indices were Practice Management and Equities. Advisors spent a great deal of time focused on large cap indices, therefore, producing a rise in monthly readership on Equities. Advisors also spent time worrying about Practice Management as the SEC appointed several new professionals to its rankings. Based on monthly advisor intent trends such as these, firms can activate their strategic planning initiatives, tailor marketing materials, and better allocate time and resources targeting advisors based on expressed interest.

“Our partnership with AdvisorTarget is growing in bigger and better ways than we ever imagined,” stated Craig Katz, EVP of Partnerships and Strategy at Discovery Data. “With Intent Data our clients are achieving a significant ROI in a short amount of time which is really exciting to see. We look forward to continuing to grow this offering and partnership.”

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AdvisorTarget is the United States’ market leader in financial advisor intent data. With patented technology and actionable data, they have revolutionized product distribution for asset managers and recruitment for broker-dealers. Many of the industry’s top firms rely on AdvisorTarget as the backbone of their data-driven distribution and recruitment strategies.