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Discovery Data MarketSage

Your complete visualization suite to capture market trends.

Actionable Analytics

Visualize new opportunities with our interactive dashboards providing in-depth analytics.

  • Firm, Rep/Advisor, and Insurance Agent Dashboards
  • Historical (2008 – Present) and Predictive Data
  • Market Segmentation, Industry Trends, and Benchmarking

Deep Industry Insights

Our continually updated library of industry research reports covers a variety of topics on timely events and analyses of specific segments of the market including:

Custom Research and Consulting

Engage our research team to focus our industry-leading data directly on your business needs.

  • Custom dashboards and research reports
  • Business and competitive intelligence presentations
  • Industry surveys and thought leadership

Drive deeper insights and smarter action using our research, analytics, and insights platform.

Recruit and retain the best talent.

MarketSage’s ability to track rep movement from one firm to another allows you to understand where your reps moved to and where they came from, so you can fully understand the impact of your recruiting efforts and adjust your recruiting strategy as needed. See key insights on:

Reps moving multiple times
Channels with net gains and losses
Firms experiencing a positive net inflow

Identify trends and growth opportunity.

MarketSage has over 100 billion historical data points on assets, investor types, advisors, agents, diversity, and more to help your team gain insights on market trends and identify opportunities.

Analyze changes in assets under management
Identify trends for particular customer segments
Support diversity and inclusion initiatives

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