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Discovery Data MarketPro

Next generation market intelligence tool.

The market at your fingertips.

A cutting-edge market intelligence tool that puts you in control.


Create a customized target market using a complete view of professionals, firms, and branches.


Leverage precision functionality to categorize your targets.


Benefit from our comprehensive profiles providing a detailed picture across all industry channels.


Make calls, send emails, and track activity.

Intuitive Interface

Improve productivity in an interface designed for how you work.

Unified Profiles

Obtain a complete picture across all industry channels.

Accurate Profile Data

Get trusted information on financial services and insurance professionals and firms.

Marketplace Builder

Build a list of professionals, firms, and branches in your market.

Segmentation Tools

Create different segments of your marketplace easily.

Analyze Performance

Track advisor and firm growth with success level and asset allocation details.

Actionable Workspace

Conduct your daily outreach right in Discovery Data MarketPro.

Engagement Statuses

Like or hide profiles using status indicators.

Industry Alerts

Set up custom notifications to alert you of changes in your market.

Map View

Visualize reps and agents on an interactive map.

Customizable Profiles

Surface only the profile elements that are important to your teams.

Collaboration Tools

Accomplish team goals using shared workspaces, notes, and more.

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