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RIA Firm & Rep Data

Access the most comprehensive RIA data.

Accelerate revenue with data on registered investment advisers (RIAs) including:

RIA Firm Data

  • Assets under management and AUM growth rate
  • Product and asset allocation including ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, and private funds
  • Custodial assets

RIA Rep Data

  • Contact information including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Titles such as owners, executives, research directors, and advisors
  • Licenses
Access the most comprehensive RIA data.

Empower your wholesalers.

What can you do with the most accurate RIA data on all FINRA and SEC registered firms and reps in your market?

  • Find RIA firms by AUM, investment strategies, types of clients they work with, and more
  • Analyze asset growth year-over-year
  • Uncover changes in asset allocation models
  • Segment firms by investments and custodial platforms utilized
  • Track rep movement, breakaways, and M&A activity
  • Access custom RIA brochure keyword search and conference analytics
  • Improve your lead generation and go-to-market efforts with accurate rep data
  • And much more including Diversity & Inclusion, advisor behavioral Intent Signals, and Interests & Lifestyle data
Empower your wholesalers.

Know the RIAs in your market. Inside and out.

Discovery Data’s proprietary FRAME process provides the most accurate data on the financial services industry for your distribution, marketing, analytics, and data management. No other provider outperforms our data in:

  • Breadth
  • Depth
  • Accuracy
  • Number of Attributes
  • Value and ROI

Learn how we deliver the most accurate and impactful RIA data.

Know the RIAs in your market. Inside and out.

Accurate data that drives results.

Financial services industry data is constantly in flux. As the market leader, Discovery Data captures the entire RIA firm and rep universe at any given time and tracks industry changes. Contact us today to gain access to the most up-to-date RIA data.


Unrivaled Enablement

Access RIA data how you want it, when you want it.


The next generation market intelligence tool.

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Real-time integration with your CRM or data warehouse.

MarketLink Feeds

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