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Specialized Datasets

Intent Data

Predictive financial advisor data intelligence.

Execute powerful go-to-market strategies directed toward advisors who have recently expressed an interest in your product or firm with intent signals.

Predictive financial advisor data intelligence.

Sales and marketing effectiveness.

Advanced data science surfaces the advisors’ most timely interests, signaling an opportunity to effectively engage.

  • Capture organic reading choices of advisors
  • Append insights to advisor profiles
  • Surface timely, active interests
  • Signal opportunities for sales and marketing
Sales and marketing effectiveness.

Historical advisor intent insights.

With our historical and ongoing advisor intent data capture, we are able to match and append advisor interests and reading choices to your internal database so you can make decisions on who to call and how best to communicate with an advisor.

Historical advisor intent insights.

Track trends in user engagement.

Access in-depth trends on advisors’ organic editorial reading choice interests (i.e. high yield, small caps, large cap growth, municipals) to empower strategic planning, marketing materials and spend, and more.

Track trends in user engagement.

Empower your teams with financial advisor intent data.


Identify advisors actively planning a move.


Surface advisors in the market for specific products now.


Amplify your demand
generation efforts.


Unrivaled Enablement

Access market data how you want, when you want.


The next generation market intelligence tool.

MarketLink Feeds

Customized file delivery for your CRM with the latest data.


Your strategic partner for marketing impact.

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