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Discovery Data Blog: Behavioral Intent Data Series

Using Data Science to Empower Sales and Marketing While Driving Revenue

By Duncan MacDonald-Korth, CEO, AdvisorTarget Connect on LinkedIn
July 13, 2021

In this series, Duncan MacDonald-Korth, CEO of AdvisorTarget, shares insights on how intent data and predictive analytics can uncover financial advisor data intelligence.

In an ever more competitive environment, top asset management organizations need to combine their sales, marketing, and data science efforts into a single, well-oiled machine in order to grow AUM—the big question is how to do so. What can help unify the efforts of these three teams into a cohesive strategy?

Asset Data is Limited on Its Own

Large organizations often purchase data packs, or asset data, from broker-dealers, but many firms struggle to put this information to good use. Individual wholesalers may use it for some outreach, and it can be useful for identifying potential customers, but it often has limited utility for marketing and even for data scientists.

This asset data is difficult to utilize on its own and would need to be combined with other scaled data sources to gain insight on the behavioral intent of their target audience.

Intent Data + Predictive Analytics = Revenue

This is where advisor intent data can be of major utility: knowing what your priority group of advisors are thinking and planning to buy (or sell) next is the silver bullet for tying together an asset manager’s efforts and growing AUM.

Not only can intent data tell wholesalers who to call about what, it can also help marketing teams execute the best next action for data-driven, 1-to-1 relationship marketing. Advisors benefit as well, as they only get messaging about products in which they are genuinely interested.

Likewise, data scientists can marry intent data with asset data to see when behavioral activity leads to transactions. The resulting algorithms can be used generally or tailored to each advisor.

Simply put, intent data and predictive analytics have become an essential pillar to accelerate distribution and increase AUM.

Empower your wholesalers with access to the most accurate and trusted data on firms and advisors and predictive financial advisor data intelligence.

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