Advisor Intent Trends

December 2021

Discovery Data Advisor Intent Indices are the leading measure of financial advisor buying intent, tracking changes in advisor interest on specific industry topics over time.

December had two completely dominant and notable trends. Firstly, while equities are down overall, large cap equities surged in interest. Interestingly, large cap equities seem to be the place where most advisors are expressing anxieties about Fed hawkishness, thus leading to a strong level of engagement. Secondly, although practice management is down as a whole compared to last month, interest in movement and recruiting jumped considerably in December as advisors start to look for new opportunities as a fresh year begins. Fixed income saw a drop in overall interest, as is often the case when advisors expect a fall in values because of looming Fed hikes.

About Advisor Intent Indices
Advisor Intent Indices empower product distributors, recruiters, marketers, and data scientists with highly accurate first-party information on industry-level and advisor-level intent in near real-time. Co-developed by Discovery Data and AdvisorTarget, Advisor Intent Indices use a scoring model to compare advisors’ overall engagement with financial news to individual engagement, providing month-to-month trends for gauging changes in advisor interest. With a range from 0 (no interest) to 200 (overwhelming interest), the score indicates the level of interest on each topic the indices track.

Discovery Data’s website publicly tracks four Advisor Intent Indices on Practice Management, Commodities, Equities, and Bonds, and reports a monthly news summary on the changes. Clients can subscribe to Discovery Data’s Intent Trends to access Advisor Intent Indices on over 40 topics and subcategories. Custom topics are available upon request, and pre-qualified leads within each index can be delivered through Discovery Data’s Intent Signals.

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